On the cohomology of the mod-2 Steenrod algebra and the non-existence of elements of Hopf invariant one

  title={On the cohomology of the mod-2 Steenrod algebra and the non-existence of elements of Hopf invariant one},
  author={John S. P. Wang},
  journal={Illinois Journal of Mathematics},
  • John S. P. Wang
  • Published 1 September 1967
  • Mathematics
  • Illinois Journal of Mathematics
BY JOHI S. P. 6 A very handy E term of the Adams spectral sequence for the sphere spectrum is obtained in [5]. Here we shall use it to calculate the cohomology of the mod-2 Steenrod algebra Hs’t(A) in the range s _< 3 and find some relations among the hi’s and c.’s in the range s <_ 4. The structure of H3’t(A)and the relations h0 h 0 for i _> 4 yield the information d2hi ho hi_lfori_> 4 by an easy induction starting from dh4 ho h. Hence a new proof for the non-existence of the elements of Hopf… 
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Homologie nicht-additiver Funktoren
  • Anwendungen, Ann. Inst. Fourier (Grenoble)
  • 1961
+ -2' 18
  • forj _>
An unstable Adams spectral sequence, Topology, to appear