On the classification of diagonal coset modular invariants

  title={On the classification of diagonal coset modular invariants},
  author={Terry Gannon and Mark A. Walton},
We relate in a novel way the modular matrices of GKO diagonal cosets without fixed points to those of WZNW tensor products. Using this we classify all modular invariant partition functions of su(3)k⊕su(3)1/su(3)k+1 for all positive integer level k, and su(2)k⊕ su(2)l/su(2)k+l for all k and infinitely many l (in fact, for each k a positive density of l). Of all these classifications, only that for su(2)k ⊕ su(2)1/su(2)k+1 had been known. Our lists include many new invariants. ∗ e-mail: gannon… CONTINUE READING

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