On the chiral limit in lattice gauge theories with Wilson fermions

  title={On the chiral limit in lattice gauge theories with Wilson fermions},
  author={A. Hoferichter and V. K. Mitrjushkin and M. M uller-Preussker},
The chiral limit κ ≃ κc(β) in lattice gauge theories with Wilson fermions and problems related to near–to–zero (’exceptional’) eigenvalues of the fermionic matrix are studied. For this purpose we employ compact lattice QED in the confinement phase. A new estimator m̃π for the calculation of the pseudoscalar mass mπ is proposed which does not suffer from ’divergent’ contributions at κ ≃ κc(β). We conclude that the main contribution to the pion mass comes from larger modes, and ’exceptional… CONTINUE READING
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