On the binding of complement to solid artificial surfaces in vitro.

  title={On the binding of complement to solid artificial surfaces in vitro.},
  author={Jonas Wetter{\"o} and Agneta Askendal and Torbj{\"o}rn Bengtsson and Pentti Tengvall},
  volume={23 4},
Since the realization of a complement activation capacity by artificial surfaces upon contact with blood, a common belief has evolved that charged nucleophilic surface groups such as amine (-NH2) and hydroxyl (-OH) react with and eventually bind to the internal thioester in complement factor 3 (C3). A covalent amide or ester linkage is thereby supposed to form between C3b and the surface itself. In this report, we present complement surface binding data by null-ellipsometry for two nucleophilic… CONTINUE READING
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