On the benefit of DMT modulation in nonlinear VLC systems.

  title={On the benefit of DMT modulation in nonlinear VLC systems.},
  author={Hua Qian and Sunzeng Cai and Saijie Yao and Ting Zhou and Yang Yang and Xudong Wang},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={23 3},
In a visible light communication (VLC) system, the nonlinear characteristic of the light emitting diode (LED) in transmitter is a limiting factor of system performance. Modern modulation signals with large peak-to-power-ratio (PAPR) suffers uneven distortion. The nonlinear response directly impacts the intensity modulation and direct detection VLC system with pulse-amplitude modulation (PAM). The amplitude of the PAM signal is distorted unevenly and large signal is vulnerable to noise… CONTINUE READING