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On the average order of a dominating set of a forest

  title={On the average order of a dominating set of a forest},
  author={Aysel Erey},
  • A. Erey
  • Published 1 April 2021
  • Mathematics
In this article all graphs are finite, simple, loopless and undirected. Given a graph G, let V (G) and E(G) be the vertex set and the edge set of G, respectively. The order of G is |V (G)| and the size of G is |E(G)|. A vertex u is a neighbor of vertex v in G if u and v are adjacent in G. The open neighborhood of v, NG(v), consists of all neighbors of v in G, and the closed neighborhood of v, NG[v], is equal to NG(v)∪{v}. A vertex v of G is called an isolated vertex of G if v has no neighbors… 


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