On the antioxidant properties of three synthetic flavonols.


The antioxidant properties of a series of synthetic and natural flavonoids towards the oxygenated species superoxide radical anion (*O2-) enzimatically generated, were evaluated. 7-Hydroxyflavonol, 7,3'-dihydroxyflavonol and 3'-hydroxyflavonol were synthesised, with a systematic variation of the OH substitution on positions C3, C7, C3'and C4', and their… (More)


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@article{Montana2007OnTA, title={On the antioxidant properties of three synthetic flavonols.}, author={Missoula Montana and Nora Beatriz Pappano and Salvatore Giordano and Patricia E Molina and Nora Beatriz Debattista and N. A. Garc{\'i}a}, journal={Die Pharmazie}, year={2007}, volume={62 1}, pages={72-6} }