On the abc conjecture, II

  title={On the abc conjecture, II},
  author={C. L. Stewart and Kunrui Yu},
  journal={Duke Mathematical Journal},
Let x, y, and z be coprime positive integers with x + y = z. In this paper we give upper bounds for z in terms of the greatest square-free factor of xyz. 

Lattice points on circles, squares in arithmetic progressions and sumsets of squares

22 paginas, 1 figura.-- 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification:11N36.-- En: Andrew Granwille, Melvyn B. Nathanson y Jozsef Solymosi (Eds.).

About the ABC Conjecture and an alternative

After a detailed discussion of the ABC Conjecture, we discuss three alternative conjectures proposed by Baker in 2004. The third alternative is particularly interesting, because there may be a way to

Counterexamples of the Conjecture

This paper announces the existence of a method for constructing infinitely many counterexamples of the conjecture over the rational integers.

Counting solvable $S$-unit equations

We obtain upper bounds on the number of finite sets $\mathcal S$ of primes below a given bound for which various $2$ variable $\mathcal S$-unit equations have a solution.

Note on the ABC Conjecture

This note imparts heuristic arguments and theorectical evidences that contradict the abc conjecture over the rational numbers. In addition, the rudimentary datails for transforming this problem into

A refinement of the abc conjecture

Based on recent work, by the first and third authors, on the distribution of the squarefree kernel of an integer, we present precise refinements of the famous abc conjecture. These rest on the sole

The ABC Conjecture Does Not Hold Water

In this article, the author gave a specific example to negate the ABC conjecture once and for all.

Relaxations of the ABC conjecture using integer k'th roots

Weakened forms of the ABC conjecture are defined in terms of the upper k’th root functions. These weakened forms, with quite small explicit values of their parameters, are shown to imply the

Probable Counterexamples of the ABC Conjecture

This paper describes a method used to construct infinitely many probable counterexamples of the abc conjecture over the rational integers.



On the Oesterlé-Masser conjecture

Letx, y andz be positive integers such thatx=y+z and ged (x,y,z)=1. We give upper and lower bounds forx in terms of the greatest squarefree divisor ofx y z.

An explicit lower bound for a homogeneous rational linear form in logarithms of algebraic numbers

In this paper we study linear forms with rational integer coefficients (, ), where the are algebraic numbers satisfying the so-called strong independence condition. In standard notation, we prove an

Diophantine Approximations and Value Distribution Theory

Heights and integral points.- Diophantine approximations.- A correspondence with Nevanlinna theory.- Consequences of the main conjecture.- The ramification term.- Approximation to hyperplanes.

Logarithmic forms and group varieties.

The past decade has seen some spectacular progress concerning multiplicity estimates on group varieties. The first substantial work in this context is due to Masser and Wüstholz [18]; they considered

Old and new conjectured diophantine inequalities

The original meaning of diophantine problems is to find all solutions of equations in integers or rational numbers, and to give a bound for these solutions. One may expand the domain of coefficients

The abc Conjecture

Let’s start with a theorem about polynomials. You probably think that one knows everything about polynomials. Most mathematicians would think that, including myself. It came as a surprise when R. C.

Cas d'égalité pour le théorème de Mason et applications de la conjecture (abc)

On construit l'ensemble des cas d'egalite pour une forme du Theoreme de Mason, equivalent polynomial de la conjecture (abc); on applique ensuite cette derniere et cette construction pour evaluer la

Linear forms in $p$-adic logarithms. III

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