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On the Weil-Étale Topos of Regular Arithmetic Schemes

  title={On the Weil-{\'E}tale Topos of Regular Arithmetic Schemes},
  author={Matthias Flach and Baptiste Morin},
  journal={arXiv: Number Theory},
We define and study a Weil-etale topos for any regular, proper scheme X over Spec(Z) which has some of the properties suggested by Lichtenbaum for such a topos. In particular, the cohomology with ˜R-coefficients has the expected relation to ζ(X, s) at s = 0 if the Hasse-Weil L-functions L(h^(i)(X_(Q)), s) have the expected meromorphic continuation and functional equation. If X has characteristic p the cohomology with Z-coefficients also has the expected relation to ζ(X, s) and our cohomology… 

Weil-\'etale cohomology and zeta-values of arithmetic schemes at negative integers

Following the ideas of Flach and Morin [11], we state a conjecture in terms of Weil-étale cohomology for the vanishing order and special value of the zeta function ζ(X, s) at s = n < 0, where X is a

Weil-étale cohomology for arbitrary arithmetic schemes and n < 0 . Part II : The special value conjecture

Following the ideas of Flach and Morin [FM2018], we state a conjecture in terms of Weil-étale cohomology for the vanishing order and special value of the zeta function ζ(X, s) at s = n < 0, where X


Lichtenbaum has conjectured (Ann of Math. (2) 170(2) (2009), 657-683) the existence of a Grothendieck topology for an arithmetic scheme X such that the Euler characteristic of the cohomology groups

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We define the fundamental group underlying the Weil-étale cohomology of number rings. To this aim, we define the Weil-étale topos as a refinement of the Weil-étale sites introduced by Lichtenbaum

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Lichtenbaum conjectured in (22) the existence of a Weil-etale cohomology in order to describe the vanishing order and the special value of the Zeta function of an arithmetic scheme X at s = 0 in

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  • M. Flach
  • Mathematics
    Compositio Mathematica
  • 2008
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Appendix to the Paper of Scholl

Let X/Q be a smooth projective (but not necessariy geometrically irreducible) variety, and let χ be a flat proper model of X over Z. Then the image of the map $${{K'}_{*}}(\chi ) \otimes Q \to