On the Use of Series in Hindu Mathematics

  title={On the Use of Series in Hindu Mathematics},
  author={A. N. Singh},
  pages={606 - 628}
INTRODUCTION.-The object of the present paper is to give an account of the use of series in Hindu Mathematics. For this purpose the Hindu literature, mathematical as well as nonmathematical, has been examined. Particular instances of the arithmetic and geometric series have been found to occur in Vedic literature as early as 2000 B.C. From Jaina literature it appears that the Hindus were in possession of the formulae for the sum of the arithmetic and the geometric series as early as the fourth… 
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    Journal of Scientific Research and Reports
  • 2021
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5. G. SARTON (Cambridge, Mass.) BORODIN (I833-i887) (portr., 5 fig.). 225 6. S. GANDZ (New York City) The dawn of literature. Prolegomena to a history of unwritten literature . . . 26i 7. J.
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