On the Ultraviolet Limit of the Pauli–Fierz Hamiltonian in the Lieb–Loss Model

  title={On the Ultraviolet Limit of the Pauli–Fierz Hamiltonian in the Lieb–Loss Model},
  author={Volker Bach and Alexander Hach},
  journal={Annales Henri Poincar{\'e}},
  • V. Bach, A. Hach
  • Published 14 April 2020
  • Chemistry, Physics, Art, Computer Science
  • Annales Henri Poincaré
<jats:p>Two decades ago, Lieb and Loss (Self-energy of electrons in non-perturbative QED. Preprint <jats:ext-link xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" ext-link-type="uri" xlink:href="http://arxiv.org/abs/math-ph/9908020">arXiv:math-ph/9908020</jats:ext-link> and mp-arc #99–305, 1999) approximated the ground state energy of a free, nonrelativistic electron coupled to the quantized radiation field by the infimum <jats:inline-formula><jats:alternatives><jats:tex-math>$$E_{\alpha , \Lambda… 
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