On the Twelve Tribes of Tanganyika

  title={On the Twelve Tribes of Tanganyika},
  author={Edward Coode Hore},
  journal={The Journal of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland},
  • E. C. Hore
  • History
  • The Journal of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland
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The Limits of the Caravan Trade: Cloth Imports into Interior Central East Africa, c. 1850–1900
  • K. Frederick
  • Economics, History
    Palgrave Studies in Economic History
  • 2020
This chapter examines the scale, composition, and geographic distribution of cloth imports in the interior of central East Africa during the second half of the nineteenth century, when imported
The Ivory Trade and Political Power in Nineteenth-Century East Africa
This chapter analyses ivory consumption and trade in the context of shifting political power in nineteenth-century East Africa. It firstly describes how increased demand for ivory and ivory products
Le sel et le fer au cœur des échanges, de la circulation et du commerce dans la région des Grands Lacs à l’époque précoloniale
L’objet principal de ce texte est de rassembler les temoignages ecrits, epars dans la litterature et les rapports, sur les ressources, les lieux de production et le commerce du sel et du fer dans la
Deindustrialization in East Africa: textile production in an era of globalization and colonization, c. 1830-1940
While the development of handicraft textile industries has stimulated broader industrial and economic development in a number of world regions, many of East Africa’s domestic cloth industries fell
Slavery, ‘respectability,’ and being ‘freeborn’ on the shores of nineteenth-century Lake Tanganyika
ABSTRACT Concepts of slavery and freedom dominate the historiography of labour and social relations in nineteenth-century East and Central Africa. This article argues that such concepts oversimplify
The 'peace puzzle' in Ufipa
The problem I wish to consider may be formulated thus: Why is it that from the beginning of their recorded history the people inhabiting the Fipa plateau in southwest Tanzania have been described by
Das afrikanische Marktwesen
Das Marktwesen ist in Neger-Afrika eine der wichtigsten wirtschaftlichen und gesellschaftlichen Einrichtungen im Stammesleben zahlreicher Volkergruppen, eine Einrichtung, die, wie wir heute erkennen