On the Thermal Capacity of a Bird's Egg Warmed by a Brood Patch

  title={On the Thermal Capacity of a Bird's Egg Warmed by a Brood Patch},
  author={J. Turner},
  journal={Physiological Zoology},
  pages={470 - 480}
  • J. Turner
  • Published 1997
  • Medicine
  • Physiological Zoology
  • Eggs of intermittently incubating birds are periodically re‐warmed by a transient pulse of heat from the parent's brood patch. Estimating the energy cost of rewarming such an egg requires knowledge of the egg's thermal capacity, typically assumed to be the product of the egg's mass and its specific heat, designated here as the gravimetric thermal capacity. When chicken eggs are transiently warmed by an artificial brood patch, the energetic costs of the rewarming indicate that they have thermal… CONTINUE READING
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