On the Theory of Scales of Measurement.

  title={On the Theory of Scales of Measurement.},
  author={S. S. Stevens},
  volume={103 2684},
  • S. S. Stevens
  • Published 7 June 1946
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Science
The current issues will remain at 32 pages until we are assured of a more adequate supply ofpaper. Bacto-Agar is a purified Agar prepared from domestic material. In the manufacture of Bacto-Agar extraneous matter, pigmented portions, and salts are reduced to a minimum, so that the finished product in the form of fine granules will dissolve rapidly, giving clear solutions. Bacto-Asparagine Bacto-Asparagine is a purified amino acid widely used in synthetic culture media and in the preparation of… Expand
Acidity: Modes of characterization and quantification.
This paper provides an account of early historical developments in the characterization and quantification of acidity, which may be considered preliminary steps leading to the measurement of acids, and places emphasis on the relative independence of the rich empirical knowledge about acids from theories of acids. Expand
Scales of Measurement
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It is shown that for artefacts that can be combined linearly, a binary sequence generally comes close to maximizing the number of combinations available. Expand
DECIBELS of Light and Sound
The usefulness of logarithms in the measurement of many of the stimuli to which human beings are sensitive is almost too obvious to need argument. Three reasons are commonly given to justify theExpand
The meaning of measurement in metrology
The latest version of the International Vocabulary of Metrology gives a meaning of measurement restricted to quantities that can be represented by numerical values and placed in an ordinal sequence.Expand
Philosophy of measurement by means of immunoassays.
  • J. Büttner
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Scandinavian journal of clinical and laboratory investigation. Supplementum
  • 1991
Starting from the explanation of the terms "comparison" and "quantification" a concept of a metrologically correct measuring system is derived. The paper discusses how this concept can be applied toExpand
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Abstract In recent times there have been a number of suggestive attempts to formulate a semiotics of measurement in the context of modern theory and practice of instrumentation. All have beenExpand