On the Theory of Ferromagnetic Resonance Absorption

  title={On the Theory of Ferromagnetic Resonance Absorption},
  author={Charles Kittel},
  journal={Physical Review},
  • C. Kittel
  • Published 15 January 1948
  • Materials Science
  • Physical Review
The theory of ferromagnetic resonance absorption previously developed is extended to include the effect of the shape of the specimen and, in the case of a single crystal, the effect of crystal orientation. The resonance condition may be written ${\ensuremath{\omega}}_{0}=\ensuremath{\gamma}{H}_{\mathrm{eff}}$, where ${H}_{\mathrm{eff}}$ is equal to ${(\mathrm{BH})}^{\frac{1}{2}}$ for a plane surface, $H+2\ensuremath{\pi}M$ for a long circular cylinder, and $H$ for a sphere; the latter two… 
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