On the Syntax of French Qu’est-ce que Clauses and Related Constructions

  title={On the Syntax of French Qu’est-ce que Clauses and Related Constructions},
  author={Jean-Yves Pollock},
  pages={95 - 149}
Abstract In the Romance domain, French is unique in having homophonous interrogative, exclamative and relative constructions sharing the same Que+est+ce+que string. The main goal of this article is to shed light on this enigmatic sequence. It will do so by investigating the rarely studied syntax of que, combien and ce que exclamatives and relatives and will show that the sequence initial Que in their Que+est+ce+que counterparts is the covert duplicate of the subsequent exclamative and relative… 
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On French Est-ce que Yes/No Questions and Related Constructions
Abstract In addition to the Qu-est-ce que questions in (1) which, as their translations indicate, are mono-clausal despite their bi-clausal form, French has yes/no questions such as (2) in which the