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On the Study of Ethnicity in Nigeria Author : Ukoha Ukiwo CRISE WORKING PAPER No

  title={On the Study of Ethnicity in Nigeria Author : Ukoha Ukiwo CRISE WORKING PAPER No},
  author={Ukoha Ukiwo and Crise Working},
This paper reviews the different perspectives that have been utilized to shed light on the phenomenon of ethnicity in Nigeria, arguably one of the world’s most ethnically diverse countries. From an overview of the literature, this paper argues that while these perspectives have benefited from debates on ethnicity worldwide, Nigerian responses to historical developments such as the gruesome civil war in Nigeria have enriched the study of ethnicity. It notes, in particular, the dominance of… 
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Although Nigeria is blessed with abundant natural and human resources, yet the country remains underdeveloped. In line with this, consensus is emerging that ethnic politics and social conflicts are


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Politics, ethno-religious conflicts and democratic consolidation in Nigeria
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