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On the Steady State Distributions for Turbulence

  title={On the Steady State Distributions for Turbulence},
  author={Djordje Minic and Michel Pleimling and Anne E. Staples},
  journal={arXiv: Fluid Dynamics},
We propose explicit forms for the steady state distributions governing fully developed turbulence in two and three spatial dimensions. We base our proposals on the crucial importance of the area and volume preserving diffeomorphisms in the space of velocities. We argue that these distributions can lead to the relevant (Kolmogorov and Kraichnan) scaling laws. 

Modeling Time's Arrow

This article addresses the origin of the arrow of time from a cosmological perspective motivated by a novel approach to quantum gravitation, based on a quantum counterpart of the equivalence principle, a general covariance of the dynamical phase space.

On Nonequilibrium Physics and String Theory

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Fluid Dynamics

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The Quantum Hall Fluid and Non-Commutative Chern Simons Theory

The first part of this paper is a review of the author's work with S. Bahcall which gave an elementary derivation of the Chern Simons description of the Quantum Hall effect for filling fraction

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