On the Spectrum of Laplacian Matrix

  title={On the Spectrum of Laplacian Matrix},
  author={Akbar Jahanbani and Seyed Mahmoud Sheikholeslami and R. Khoeilar},
  journal={Mathematical Problems in Engineering},
Let G be a simple graph of order n. +e matrixL(G) � D(G) − A(G) is called the Laplacian matrix of G, where D(G) and A(G) denote the diagonal matrix of vertex degrees and the adjacency matrix of G, respectively. Let l1(G), ln− 1(G) be the largest eigenvalue, the second smallest eigenvalue of L(G) respectively, and λ1(G) be the largest eigenvalue of A(G). In this paper, we will present sharp upper and lower bounds for l1(G) and ln− 1(G). Moreover, we investigate the relation between l1(G) and λ1… 
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Properties of spectra of graphs and line graphs
Let G be a simple connected graph with n vertices and m edges, LG be the line graph of G and λ1 (LG) ≥ λ2 (LG) ≥ … ≥ λm (LG) be the eigenvalues of the graph LG. In this paper, the range of
Let G = (V;E) be a simple, undirected graph with maximum and minimum degree ∆ and respectively, and let A be the adjacency matrix and Q be the Laplacianmatrix of G. In the past decades, the Laplacian
A Sharp Upper Bound for the Number of Spanning Trees of a Graph
  • K. Das
  • Mathematics
    Graphs Comb.
  • 2007
An upper bound for the number of spanning trees of G on n, e and d1 only is established, which holds if and only if G is a star graph or a complete graph.
On the Sum of k Largest Laplacian Eigenvalues of a Graph and Clique Number
For a simple graph G with order n and size m having Laplacian eigenvalues $$\mu _1, \mu _2, \dots , \mu _{n-1},\mu _n=0$$ μ 1 , μ 2 , ⋯ , μ n - 1 , μ n = 0 , let $$S_k(G)=\sum _{i=1}^{k}\mu _i$$ S k
Spectral Gap of the Largest Eigenvalue of the Normalized Graph Laplacian
We offer a new method for proving that the maximal eigenvalue of the normalized graph Laplacian of a graph with $n$ vertices is at least $\frac{n+1}{n-1}$ provided the graph is not complete and that
Bounds for the Laplacian spectral radius of graphs
This paper is a survey on the upper and lower bounds for the largest eigenvalue of the LaPLacian matrix, known as the Laplacian spectral radius, of a graph, as functions of graph parameters.
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New lower bounds for the Laplacian spectral radius of incidencesimple oriented hypergraphs are found that improve on previous lower bounds by including edge size instead of only using vertex degree.