On the Skin-Furrows of the Hand

  title={On the Skin-Furrows of the Hand},
  author={Henry Faulds},
IN looking over some specimens of “prehistoric” pottery found in Japan I was led, about a year ago, to give some attention to the character of certain finger-marks which had been made on them while the clay was still soft. Unfortunately all of those which happened to come into my possession were too vague and ill-defined to be of much use, but a comparison of such finger-tip impressions made in recent pottery led me to observe the characters of the skin-furrows in human fingers generally. From… 


While the term dermatoglyphics was coined by Cummins and Midlo in 1926, interest in the papillary ridges and their patterns extend back to antiquity. Since time immemorial man has been fascinated and

“Fingerprint” Faulds: The Rehabilitation of Henry Faulds (1843–1930)

  • A. Paton
  • History
    Journal of medical biography
  • 2001
Fingerprints have been used as a means of identification since prehistoric times, but it was not until 1823 that J E Purkinje made the first attempt to classify fingerprints, which has been the basis of all subsequent work.

Galton and the Study of Fingerprints

On the surface of the palms there are flexion creases that were used by Gypsy Rose Lee and other palmists to tell fortunes. On closer inspection it is clear that there are also minute ridges

Fingeravtryck på gropkeramik från Siretorp i Blekinge och Gullrum på Gotland

Fingerprints are a rather new subject in archaeological research. For this, the first study of fingerprints on Swedish archaeological artefacts, 3000 potsherds from the Middle Neolithic Pitted Ware

Visualize fingerprints on brass after removal of secretions

The use of fingerprints left at the scene of a crime to identify an offender was first suggested in the nineteenth century,1, 2 and this branch of forensics continues to play an integral role in a

Identification from dorsal finger pattern: a new approach

The present study was undertaken to explore the feasibility of considering the skin creases on the dorsal aspect of the proximal inter-phalangeal joints (dorsal finger pattern) as a criteria for personal identification.

The forensic exploitation of fingermark chemistry: A review

This review will consider how this highly complex chemistry can be utilised by a wide range of chemical reagents, and by advanced analytical techniques in combination with imaging capabilities, to reveal the fingermark ridge detail and additional information contained within it.

The Qualitative Dermatoglyphics PATTERNS in Both Hands for Males and Females in Ubang Clan Cross River State Nigeria

Dermatoglyphics patterns otherwise known as toe or fingerprints are defined as the scientific study of fingerprints or toe prints. This started in 1892 when one of the most original biologists of his

From Fingers to Faces: Visual Semiotics and Digital Forensics

  • M. Leone
  • Art
    International journal for the semiotics of law = Revue internationale de semiotique juridique
  • 2021
The face is back in digital AI forensics, together with a tangle of sociocultural biases, and Semiotics can play a key role in studying their surreptitious influence.