On the Siamese Twin Designs

  title={On the Siamese Twin Designs},
  author={Hadi Kharaghani},
Let 4n2 betheorderof aBush-typeHadamardmatrix with q 2n 1 2 a primepower. It is shown thatthereis a weighingmatrix W 4 qm qm 1 q 1 n2 4qmn2 whichcanbeusedto constructa pair of symmetricdesignswith theparameters ν 4 qm qm 1 q 1 n2 κ qm 2n2 n λ qm n2 n for every positive integer m. As a corollary we get a new classof symmetricdesignswith parameters ν 16 qm qm 1 q 1 n2 κ qm 8n2 2n λ qm 4n2 2n for all positive integersmandn, where4n is theordera Hadamardmatrix. 

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