On the Second Cohomology Group of a Kaehler Manifold of Positive Curvature

  title={On the Second Cohomology Group of a Kaehler Manifold of Positive Curvature},
  author={Richard L. Bishop and Samuel Goldberg},
1. Abraham J. Barshop, A miniature mathematical science, Brooklyn College Math. Mirror, Annual Bulletin of the Mathematics Club of Brooklyn College 7 (1939), 14-17. 2. Lawrence M. Graves, A finite Bolyai-Lobachevsky plane, Amer. Math. Monthly 69 (1962), 130-132. 3. L. Szamkolowicz, On the problem of existence of finite regular planes, Colloq. Math. 9 (1962), 245-250. 4. Bernard J. Topel, Bolyai-Lobachevski planes with finite lines, pp. 40-42, Notre Dame Univ. Press, Notre Dame, Ind., 1944… CONTINUE READING

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