On the Road: A Maharashtrian Pilgrimage

  title={On the Road: A Maharashtrian Pilgrimage},
  author={I. Karve},
  journal={The Journal of Asian Studies},
  pages={13 - 29}
  • I. Karve
  • Published 1 November 1962
  • History
  • The Journal of Asian Studies
People impatient to get out were pushing me from behind; people anxious to get in pulled me out. Somehow I landed on my feet on the dusty platform. I gathered the few packages and made my way out of the railway station through a crowd. The reasons for the crowds became clear: today was the day of the weekly market, and the “god” on his journey had reached this town to make a day's halt. My guide and I picked our way through heaps of millet and wheat and rice, through pots and pans, through… 
Pilgrimage, Tourism and Leisure: A Tribute to Ishwar Modi
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  • Sociology
    Journal of the Anthropological Survey of India
  • 2019
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