On the Reason of Animals: Historical Antecedents to the Logic of Modern Behaviorism

  title={On the Reason of Animals: Historical Antecedents to the Logic of Modern Behaviorism},
  author={F. Muckler},
  journal={Psychological Reports},
  pages={863 - 882}
  • F. Muckler
  • Published 1963
  • Psychology
  • Psychological Reports
  • The nature of the differences and similarities between man and animals is one of the oldest controversies in the history of Western intellectual thought. From Aristotle to Hume, it was a central philosophical problem. The peak of activity was reached from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century ending, as a philosophical issue, with the work of Hume. In the present view, support for a naturalistic interpretation is provided principally through the influence of Montaigne, Bayle, and Hume… CONTINUE READING
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