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On the Purity of Resolutions of Stanley-Reisner Rings Associated to Reed-Muller Codes

  title={On the Purity of Resolutions of Stanley-Reisner Rings Associated to Reed-Muller Codes},
  author={Sudhir R. Ghorpade and Rati Ludhani},
Following Johnsen and Verdure (2013), we can associate to any linear code C an abstract simplicial complex and in turn, a Stanley-Reisner ring RC . The ring RC is a standard graded algebra over a field and its projective dimension is precisely the dimension of C. Thus RC admits a graded minimal free resolution and the resulting graded Betti numbers are known to determine the generalized Hamming weights of C. The question of purity of the minimal free resolution of RC was considered by Ghorpade… 

Generalized weights of codes over rings and invariants of monomial ideals

An algebraic theory of supports for R-linear codes of fixed length, where R is a finite commutative unitary ring, states that the generalized weights of a code can be obtained from the graded Betti numbers of its associated monomial ideal.



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Application of Boolean algebra to switching circuit design and to error detection

  • D. E. Muller
  • Computer Science
    Trans. I R E Prof. Group Electron. Comput.
  • 1954
It is shown that certain parts of the multiple output problem for switching circuits that have more than one output may be reduced to a single output problem whose inputs are equal in number to the sum of the numbers of inputs and outputs in the original problem.