On the Price of Stability for Undirected Network Design

  title={On the Price of Stability for Undirected Network Design},
  author={George Christodoulou and Christine Chung and Katrina Ligett and Evangelia Pyrga and Rob van Stee},
We continue the study of the effects of selfish behavior in the network design problem. We provide new bounds for the price of stabil i y for network design with fair cost allocation for undirected graphs. We conside r th most general case, for which the best known upper bound is the Harmonic number Hn, wheren is the number of agents, and the best previously known lower bound i s 12/7≈ 1.778. We present a nontrivial lower bound of 42 /23≈ 1.8261. Furthermore, we show that for two players, the… CONTINUE READING


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