On the Presumed Darwinism of Alberuni Eight Hundred Years before Darwin

  title={On the Presumed Darwinism of Alberuni Eight Hundred Years before Darwin},
  author={Jan Z. Wilczynski},
  pages={459 - 466}
T HE NAME of Abu-Alraihan Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Alberuni, who lived between 973 and 1048 of our era, must be well known to all Arabists and Indologists but cannot be found in any of the treatises dealing with the history of biology.' This circumstance seems to be quite understandable since Alberuni's interests and specialization were centred chiefly on astronomy and, as he lived near the border of India, were penetrated by his eagerness to control the Hindu language in order to impart its… 
An untold story in biology: the historical continuity of evolutionary ideas of Muslim scholars from the 8th century to Darwin’s time
Abstract Textbooks on the history of biology and evolutionary thought do not mention the evolutionary ideas of Muslim scholars before Darwin’s time. This is part of a trend in the West to minimise
Our purpose in this paper is three‐fold. First, we shall briefly describe what is almost a truism— that is, the classical (especially the Greek) intellectual heritage of the Arab‐Islamic scholars
Knowledge Exchanges in the Global Organization – Learning from the Genius of Al-Biruni
The post-industrial organization is typically knowledge-intensive and collaborative, without which success is not possible. Its key processes involve bringing teams across organizations (vendors,
A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Isis, 1960{1969
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Ideas About Social Research, Evaluation, and Statistics in Medieval Arabic Literature
This is a review of evidential ideas that appear in the Muqadimmah and India, Medieval Arabic works. The ideas concern numerical evidence, its collection, distortion, analysis, and interpretation,
Population growth, the settlement process and economic progress : Adam Smith's theory of demo-economic development
La population - en son sens originel de processus de peuplement - est un sujet etonnamment absent de l'enorme volume d’etudes sur Adam Smith. Ce theme etait au centre de la philosophie morale et de
Bîrûnî Çalışmalarının Bugünkü Durumu: Bir İnceleme ve Bibliyografya
Bu calismanin amaci, hem bir birey hem de bir bilim adami ve filozof olarak Biruni hakkindaki bilgimizin bugunku durumunu ozetlemek ve bu yeni literaturle ilgili bir bibliyografya sunmaktir. Her ne