On the Power of 2-Way Quantum Finite State AutomataJohn

  title={On the Power of 2-Way Quantum Finite State AutomataJohn},
  author={John Watrous},
In this paper, we introduce 2-way quantum nite state automata (2qfa's), which are the quantum analogue of deterministic, nondeterministic and probabilistic 2-way nite state automata (2dfa's, 2nfa's and 2pfa's). We prove the following facts regarding 2qfa's. 1. For any > 0, there exists a 2qfa M which recognizes the non-regular language L = fa m b m j m 1g with (one-sided) error bounded by , and which halts in polynomial time. Speciically, M accepts any string in L with probability 1 and rejects… CONTINUE READING


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