On the Possibility of a World with Constant Negative Curvature of Space

  title={On the Possibility of a World with Constant Negative Curvature of Space},
  author={Aleksandr Friedmann},
  journal={General Relativity and Gravitation},
  • A. Friedmann
  • Published 1 December 1999
  • Physics
  • General Relativity and Gravitation

Unified Models of Dark Energy and Dark Matter

Faculdade de Ciências Departmento de F́ısica e Astronomia Unified Models of Dark Energy and Dark Matter by Vasco Ferreira In this work we give a succinct review of the main ideas behind modern

On the future stability of cosmological solutions of the Einstein-nonlinear scalar field system

This thesis concerns with the future asymptotic stability of cosmological solutions to the Einstein-Field-Equations with a minimally coupled nonlinear scalar field. To do this, we shall take two

On space–time structure and the Universe: some issues of concept and principle

  • N. Dadhich
  • Physics
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A
  • 2022
In this discourse, we would like to discuss some issues of concept and principle in the context of the following three aspects. One, how Λ arises as a constant of space–time structure on the same

Penrose's 1965 singularity theorem: From geodesic incompleteness to cosmic censorship

Supplementing earlier literature by e.g. Tipler, Clarke, & Ellis (1980), Israel (1987), Thorne, (1994), Earman (1999), Senovilla & Garfinkle (2015), Curiel (2019ab), and Landsman (2021ab), I provide a

How Friedmann Shod Einstein

Exactly one hundred years ago, in May 1922, Alexander Friedmann discovered that General Relativity (GR) predicts non-stationary Universe. His equation describing the evolution of the Universe is now

Gauge Field Theory Vacuum and Cosmological Inflation

The deep interrelation between elementary particle physics and cosmology manifests itself when one considers the contribution of quantum fluctuations of vacuum fields to the dark energy and the

Bubble universes and traversable wormholes

Bubble universes and traversable wormholes in general relativity can be realized as two sides of the same concept. To exemplify it, we find, display, and study in a unified manner a

Neutrino Masses and Dark Matter in a Twin Higgs Model

In this dissertation, I will present a twin Higgs model relating the spontaneous breaking of Z2 symmetry, the cosmological constraints of twin Higgs models, and neutrino masses. The Z2 symmetry is

Universe as Klein–Gordon eigenstates

  • M. Matone
  • Art, Physics
    The European Physical Journal C
  • 2021
<jats:p>We formulate Friedmann’s equations as second-order linear differential equations. This is done using techniques related to the Schwarzian derivative that selects

Regularized big bang singularity: Geodesic congruences

We investigate a particular regularization of big bang singularity, which remains within the domain of 4−dimensional general relativity but allowing for degenerate metrics. We study the geodesics and