On the Possibility of a Propulsion Drive Creation Through a Local Manipulation of Spacetime Geometry

  title={On the Possibility of a Propulsion Drive Creation Through a Local Manipulation of Spacetime Geometry},
  author={Vesselin Petkov},
  journal={arXiv: General Physics},
  • V. Petkov
  • Published 19 May 1998
  • Physics, Art
  • arXiv: General Physics
Since the shape of a free body's worldline is determined by the geometry of spacetime a local change of spacetime geometry will affect a body's worldline, i.e. a body's state of motion. The exploration of this possibility constitutes a radically new approach to the idea of how a body can be propelled: instead of applying a force to the body itself, the geometry of spacetime is subjected to a local manipulation which in turn results in the body's motion. 



Gravity as a zero-point-fluctuation force.

  • Puthoff
  • Physics
    Physical review. A, General physics
  • 1989
A point-particle ZPF interaction model is developed that accords with and fulfills the hypothesis that gravitational mass and its associated gravitational effects derive in a fully self-consistent way from electromagnetic-ZPF-induced particle motion (Zitterbewegung).

Inertia as a zero-point-field Lorentz force.

  • HaischRuedaPuthoff
  • Physics
    Physical review. A, Atomic, molecular, and optical physics
  • 1994
The interpretation that inertia is an electromagnetic resistance arising from the known spectral distortion of the ZPF in accelerated frames is proposed and suggests a physically rigorous version of Mach's principle.

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