On the Poetry for King Isme-Dagan

  title={On the Poetry for King Isme-Dagan},
  author={Steve Tinney},
The physical reconstruction of Sumerian literature remains of fundamental importance for all subsequent work in that field, and thus the contribution of Dr. Marie-Christine Ludwig, in which she publishes an extensive catalogue of Isme-Dagan hymns1 along with a series of studies on the setting and reconstruction of these texts, is itself also a work of fundamental importance. The studies which comprise the bulk of the book cover a great deal of ground both succinctly and sensibly. Chapter 2… 
Of Sumerian Songs and Spells
Abstract The paper explores the uses of the Sumerian expression ser3-ku3, with a view to clarifying its sense. The paper arises from my study of Babylonian šerkugû, which I argue to have the meaning
“Enlil and Namzitara” Reconsidered
Four decades ago, Miguel Civil (1977) published “the brief, but fortunately complete tale” (Civil 1977: 65) of “Enlil and Namzitara.” In that publication, Civil deployed all the virtues ascribed to
Your praise Is sweet: a memorial volume for Jeremy Black from students, colleagues, and friends
This volume is intended as a tribute in memory of our teacher, colleague and friend, Jeremy Black. The scope of the contributions to it are a testament to Jeremy’s own wide-ranging interests and to
This article explores some of the implications of a relatively small but significant group of texts, the Old Babylonian copies of Early Dynastic (ED) lexical texts.1 Many of the texts discussed below
The Sexual Union of Enlil and Ninlil: an uadi Composition of Ninlil
  • Jeremiah Peterson
  • Art
    Zeitschrift für Assyriologie und vorderasiatische Archäologie
  • 2019
Abstract This article offers an edition of the newly reconstructed collective tablet N 1045+, which preserves portions of a zamzam song of Enlil and an uadi song of Ninlil. The latter composition
Mass-Luminosity Relationship and Lithium Depletion for Very Low Mass Stars
We derive mass-luminosity relationships for very low mass stars (0.06 < m/M☉ < 0.6) for different metallicities. Calculations are conducted with the different nongray atmosphere models presently