On the Plurality of Worlds.

  title={On the Plurality of Worlds.},
  author={James E. Tomberlin and David Lewis},
Preface. 1. A Philosopher's Paradise. The Thesis of Pluraliry of Worlds. Modal Realism at Work: Modality. Modal Realism at Work: Closeness. Modal Realism at Work: Content. Modal Realism at Work: Properties. Isolation. Concreteness. Plenitude. Actuality. 2. Paradox in Paradise? Everything is Actual? All Worlds in One? More Worlds Than There Are? How Can We Know? A Road to Scepticism? A Road to Indifference? Arbitrariness Lost? The Incredulous Stare. 3. Paradise on the Cheap? The Ersatzist… Expand
Saul Kripke: Possible Worlds Semantics
Possible worlds semantics have been widely applied both in philosophy and in other fields such as linguistic semantics and pragmatics, theoretical computer science, and game theory. This chapterExpand
The metaphysician's free lunch
It is argued that the ontology of Paradise on the Cheap promotes unity and economy of theory to a greater extent than does modal realism's ontology, and that the authors should accept the former theory instead of the latter. Expand
Worlds within Worlds: a Dilemma for Modal Realism
In this paper I will present an argument that David Lewis’ modal realism is self-refuting, and that the contradiction that makes it self-refuting can only be blocked by modifying certain other ofExpand
Possible worlds as shifting domains
Those who object to David Lewis' modal realism express qualms about philosophical respectability of the Lewisian notion of a possible world and its correlate notion of an inhabitant of a possibleExpand
Classical theism and modal realism are incompatible
Abstract The classical conception of God is that of a necessary being. On a possible worlds semantics, this entails that God exists at every possible world. According to the modal realist account ofExpand
Agnosticism About Other Worlds: A New Antirealist Programme in Modality
The modal antirealist, as presented here, aims to secure at least some of the benefits associated with talking in genuine modal realist terms while avoiding commitment to a plurality of Lewisian (orExpand
Spread Worlds, Plenitude and Modal Realism: A Problem for David Lewis
It is argued that on one reading, Lewis’s theory licenses us to assume maverick possible worlds which spread through logical space gobbling up all the rest, and once the authors admit modal primitives, bang goes the rationale for Lewis's modal realism. Expand
Necessary Suffering and Lewisian Theism
One can readily conceive of worlds of horrendous, gratuitous suffering. Moreover, such worlds seem possible. For classical theists, however, God, amongst other things, is perfectly good. So, theExpand
Modal Realism and its Roots in Mathematical Realism
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses modal realism and its roots in mathematical realism. Modal realism is the doctrine that there are other possible worlds besides the actual world in whichExpand
Experience, reality and representation : on the implications of a maximally non-deflationary phenomenal realism
This thesis is dedicated to uncovering the conceptual and metaphysical entailments of a form of phenomenal realism I call Robust Realism. I argue that a maximally non-deflationary phenomenalExpand


Necessary and contingent propositions, objects with accidental and essential properties, possible worlds, individual essences-these are the phenomena of modality. I shall contrast two opposedExpand
What Are Possible Worlds
My question concerns possible worlds. By 'possible worlds' I mean, quite literally, worlds. Worlds are universes. The most interesting of them are spatiotemporal manifolds in which people live, timeExpand
Naming and Necessity
I hope that some people see some connection between the two topics in the title. If not, anyway, such connections will be developed in the course of these talks. Furthermore, because of the use ofExpand
Plantinga on Trans-World Identity
1. The Nature of Necessity is a treasure-trove. Among its treasures are Plantinga’s treatments of the problem of evil and the ontological argument, his examination of the question whether there areExpand
A Treatise of Human Nature
PART 1: INTRODUCTORY MATERIAL. How to Use this Book. List of Abbreviations. Editor's Introduction. Hume's Early years and Education. A Treatise of Human Nature. Book 1: Of the Understanding. Book 1Expand
Counterpart Theory and Quantified Modal Logic
you have obtained prior permission, you may not download an entire issue of a journal or multiple copies of articles, and you may use content in the JSTOR archive only for your personal,Expand
New work for a theory of universals
(1983). New work for a theory of universals. Australasian Journal of Philosophy: Vol. 61, No. 4, pp. 343-377.
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