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On the Philosophical Relevance of Godel's Incompleteness Theorems

  title={On the Philosophical Relevance of Godel's Incompleteness Theorems},
  author={Panu Raattkainen},
  journal={Revue Internationale De Philosophie},
Godel began his 1951 Gibbs Lecture by stating: "Research in the founda tions of mathematics during the past few decades has produced some results which seem to me of interest, not only in themselves, but also with regard to their implications for the traditional philosophical problems about the nature of mathematics." (Godel 1951) Godel is referring here especially to his own incompleteness theorems (Godel 1931). Godel's first incompleteness theorem (as improved by Rosser (1936)) says that for… Expand
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DOI: Certain selected issues around the Godelian anti-mechanist arguments which have received less attention are discussed.
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In the article, the question of the relation between the existence of God and the conditions that F must satisfy in order to allow for its subjection to GST is explored. Expand
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There is a longstanding debate in the logico-philosophical community as to why the Godelian sentences of a consistent and sufficiently strong theory are true. The prevalent argument seems to beExpand
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"Among the many expositions of Godel's incompleteness theorems written for non-specialists, this book stands apart. With exceptional clarity, Franzen gives careful, non-technical explanations both ofExpand
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This paper analyzes two natural-looking arguments that seek to leverage Gödel’s first incompleteness theorem for and against intuitionism, concluding in both cases that the argument is unsoundExpand
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The work of the mathematician Kurt Gödel changed the face of mathematics forever. His famous incompleteness theorem proved that any formalized system of mathematics would always contain statementsExpand
Gödel’s incompleteness theorems
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  • Mathematics
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Incompleteness or inconsistency? Kurt Godel shocked the mathematical community in 1931 when he proved any effectively generated, sufficiently complex, and sound axiomatic system could not be bothExpand
Hayek, Gödel, and the case for methodological dualism
On a few occasions F.A. Hayek made reference to the famous Godel theorems in mathematical logic in the context of expounding his cognitive and social theory. The exact meaning of the supposedExpand


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Any viable philosophy of mathematics must square with incontrovertible metamathematical results. Thus, as is well known, any version of formalism committed to identifying mathematical truth withExpand
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Summary. From 1931 until late in his life (at least 1970) Godel called for the pursuit of new axioms for mathematics to settle both undecided number-theoretical propositions (of the form obtained inExpand
Godel's Proof.
About “The Philosophical Significance of Gödel’s Theorem”: Some Issues
It is a very natural supposition that, for any particular consistent formal system of arithmetic, one of the pair consisting of the Godel sentence and its negation must be true. This was rejected byExpand
The aim of this paper is not to provide any systematic reconstruction of Kreisel’s views but only to discuss some claims concerning the relationship between mathematical logic and the philosophy ofExpand
Extensions of Some Theorems of Gödel and Church
  • J. Rosser
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • J. Symb. Log.
  • 1936
It is proved that simple consistency implies the existence of undecidable propositions and the non-existence of an Entscheidungsverfahren by a strengthening of Godel's Satz VI and Kleene's Theorem XIII. Expand
Philosophy of mathematics: Russell's mathematical logic
Mathematical logic, which is nothing else but a precise and complete formulation of formal logic, has two quite different aspects. On the one hand, it is a section of Mathematics treating of classes,Expand
Absolute Versions of Incompleteness Theorems
sort I propose to help alleviate the problem. Adherents of such views will have to find some other program for epistemological studies. Leaving this possibility aside, what ideas are there in theExpand
Some strongly undecidable natural arithmetical problems, with an application to intuitionistic theories
Although Church and Turing presented their path-breaking undecidability results immediately after their explication of effective decidability in 1936, it has been generally felt that these results doExpand
On Interpreting Chaitin's Incompleteness Theorem
It is shown that the limiting constants provided by the theorem do not in any way reflect the power of formalized theories, but that the values of these constants are actually determined by the chosen coding of Turing machines, and are thus quite accidental. Expand