On the Perils and Pleasures of Confronting Pseudohistory

  title={On the Perils and Pleasures of Confronting Pseudohistory},
  author={Ronald H. Fritze},
  journal={Historically Speaking},
  pages={2 - 5}
  • R. Fritze
  • Published 18 November 2009
  • History
  • Historically Speaking
ack in 2000 I attended a meeting of the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference in Cleveland. At the banquet, I was seated at a table with two scholars who had written biographies of Columbus. During the course of conversation, it came out that in 1993 I had published a critical encyclopedia of theories about people who had visited America before Columbus. One of the Columbus biographers was quite interested in the topic while the other responded, “Why would you want to write about that?” Now… 
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