On the Outskirts of the Canon: The Myth of the Lone Female Philosopher, and What to Do about It

  title={On the Outskirts of the Canon: The Myth of the Lone Female Philosopher, and What to Do about It},
  author={Sandrine Berg{\`e}s},
  • S. Bergès
  • Published 1 July 2015
  • Philosophy
  • Metaphilosophy
Women philosophers of the past, because they tended not to engage with each other much, are often perceived as isolated from ongoing philosophical dialogues. This has led—directly and indirectly—to their exclusion from courses in the history of philosophy. This article explores three ways in which we could solve this problem. The first is to create a course in early modern philosophy that focuses solely or mostly on female philosophers, using conceptual and thematic ties such as a concern for… 

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Women philosophers and the canon

  • J. Rée
  • Philosophy
    British journal for the history of philosophy : BJHP : the journal of the British Society for the History of Philosophy
  • 2002
The fact that serious historical inquiry into the work of women philosophers hardly existed before the 1980s is regrettable but hardly surprising: historically sensitive studies of male philosophers did not prosper much and genuine historical investigations of context, censorship and reception were treated as tiresome pieces of intellectual housework.

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The Machiavellian Moment: Florentine Political Thought and the Atlantic Republican Tradition . By Pocock J. G. A.. (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1975. Pp. 602. $22.50, cloth; $11.50, paper.)

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A Women's Republic of Letters: Anna Maria van Schurman, Marie de Gournay, and Female Self-Representation in Relation to the Public Sphere

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  • History
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In the study of early modern women writers' participation in trans national networks of epistolary exchange, a remarkable example is the one centered on the polyglot Anna Maria van Schurman