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On the Origin of Time

  title={On the Origin of Time},
  author={Ernst Karl Kunst},
  journal={arXiv: General Physics},
Herein it is shown that mass and time in the rest frame as well as relativistically enlarged mass and dilated time in the moving frame are of like origin. This implies that the former are generated by the movement of a fourth spatial dimension of matter relative to a four-dimensional manifold. 

Is the Lorentz Transformation Distance-Dependent?

An analysis of the Lorentz transformation shows that the unchangeability of the space-time coordinates of the inertial systems under consideration and the possibility of a direct projection of those

Do Gravitational Fields Have Mass? Or on the Nature of Dark Matter

As has been shown before (a brief comment will be given in the text), relativistic mass and relativistic time dilation of moving bodies are equivalent as well as time and mass in the rest frame. This

The Rest Mass of the Hydrogen Atom from First Principles

The rest mass of the hydrogen atom in its ground state is calculated from first physical principles and elementary geometric considerations.

1 Kant , Gödel and Relativity

Since the onset of logical positivism, the general wisdom of the philosophy of science has it that the kantian philosophy of (space and) time has been superseded by the theory of relativity, in the

On the Physical Cause and the Distance of Gamma Ray Bursts and Related Phenomena in the X-Rays and the Ultra-Violet

Ernst Karl KunstIm Spicher Garten 553639 KonigswinterGermanyThe modified Lorentz transformation of a distance-dependent special theory ofrelativity - which will be briefly summarized - predicts the

Idea of Time in Bergson’s Lectures

The article focuses on two lecture courses - “The Idea of time” and “The History of the Idea of Time” - delivered by the French philosopher Henri Bergson at College de France in 1901-1903. While

The Arrow of Time

It is shown that (special) relativistically dilated time is the vector sum of rest time and time induced by movement in three dimensional space exeeding the rest time component and that the first



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Is the Kinematics of Special Reativity incomplete?, physics

  • Is the Kinematics of Special Reativity incomplete?, physics

Is the Kinematics of Special Reativity incomplete?

    Ann. d. Phys

    • Ann. d. Phys
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