On the Origin of Indonesian Cattle

  title={On the Origin of Indonesian Cattle},
  author={Kusdiantoro Mohamad and Mia Olsson and Helena T. A. van Tol and Sofia Mikko and Bart H. Vlamings and G{\"o}ran Andersson and Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez and Bambang Purwantara and Robert W. Paling and Ben Colenbrander and Johannes A Lenstra},
  journal={PLoS ONE},
  pages={1 - 14}
BACKGROUND Two bovine species contribute to the Indonesian livestock, zebu (Bos indicus) and banteng (Bos javanicus), respectively. Although male hybrid offspring of these species is not fertile, Indonesian cattle breeds are supposed to be of mixed species origin. However, this has not been documented and is so far only supported by preliminary molecular analysis. METHODS AND FINDINGS Analysis of mitochondrial, Y-chromosomal and microsatellite DNA showed a banteng introgression of 10-16% in… CONTINUE READING