On the Notion of Substitution

  title={On the Notion of Substitution},
  author={Marcel Crabb{\'e}},
  journal={Log. J. IGPL},
  • M. Crabbé
  • Published 1 March 2004
  • Economics
  • Log. J. IGPL
We consider a concept of substitutive structure, called "logos", in order to study simple substitution, independently of formal or programming languages. We provide a definition of simultaneous substitution in an arbitrary logos and use it to prove a completeness theorem expressing that the equational properties of the usual substitution can be proved from the logos axioms only. 

A study of substitution, using nominal techniques and Fraenkel-Mostowksi sets

  • M. Gabbay
  • Computer Science
    Theor. Comput. Sci.
  • 2009

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The notion of validity relatively to models, for comprehension axioms, containing gluts, is characterized as well as other concepts related to ontological validity, such as consistency and adequacy.

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A freeoid over a (normally, infinite) set of variables X is defined to be a pair (W, E), where W is a superset of X, and E is a submonoid of WW containing just one extension of every mapping X → W.

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This paper presents a meta-level version of Gentzen’s sequent calculus for one-and-a-halfth-order logic, with a focus on the role of meta-equivalence in the development of knowledge representation.

Capture-avoiding substitution as a nominal algebra

A special feature of this method is the use of nominal techniques, which give us access to a stronger assertion language, which includes so-called ‘freshness’ or ‘capture-avoidance’ conditions.

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Une axiomatisation de la substitution

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We prove the cut-elimination theorem, Gentzen's Hauptsatz, for the system for stratified comprehension, i.e. Quine's NF minus extensionality.

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