On the Notion "Possible Speech Sound

  title={On the Notion "Possible Speech Sound},
  author={Bj{\"o}rn Lindblom},

Explaining the structure of feature and phoneme inventories

An important theme of this chapter is that hypotheses about the auditory representation of speech sounds must play a central role in any explanatory account of the origin of feature and phoneme systems.

The development of sound systems in human language

This paper presents a few ideas on the question of what is a speech sound, and it takes as its point of departure the seminal work by Lindblom and coauthors, especially [1,2,3,4,5,6,7]. So the aim is

Against Formal Phonology

Chomsky and Halle (1968) and many formal linguists rely on the notion of a universally available phonetic space defined in discrete time. This assumption plays a central role in phonological theory.

Turbulence & Phonology

In this paper we aim to provide an account of some of the phonological patterns involving turbulent sounds, summarizing material we have published previously and results from other investigators. In

Turbulence and Phonology

In this paper we aim to provide an account of some of the phonological patterns involving turbulent sounds, summarizing material we have published previously and results from other investigators. In

A Phonetically-Based Model of Phonological Vowel Reduction

This paper proposes an analysis of phonological vowel reduction according to which vowel contrasts are subject to neutralization in unstressed syllables because it is more difficult to keep vowels

Chapter • 8 Second Language Speech Learning TheorYI Findingsl and Problems

speech learning changes over the life span and to explain why "earlier is better" as far as learning to pronounce a second language (L2) is concerned. An assumption we make is that the phonetic

A comparative acoustic study of English and Spanish vowels.

  • A. Bradlow
  • Linguistics, Physics
    The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 1995
A cross-linguistic comparison of the acoustic vowel categories of two languages that differ in vowel inventory size was performed in order to reveal some of the language-specific and/or universal principles that determine the acoustic realization of the vowels of these two languages.

Dynamic properties of an acoustic tube: Prediction of vowel systems

Filling the perceptuo-motor gap

The session under focus deals with phonetic articulatory-acoustic variation and with the link between phonetic detail and phonological modelling. The underlying question was to estimate the impact of



DISCUSSION NOTES Some Major Features of the International Phonetic Alphabet

This paper will attempt to resolve the dilemma of an alphabet that almost inevitably emphasizes the segmental nature of speech but wants a set of symbols that reflect the features that are necessary for understanding linguistic processes by emphasizing the symbolic nature of the elements of the alphabet.

Explaining Phonetic Variation: A Sketch of the H&H Theory

In the H&H program the quest for phonetic invariance is replaced by another research task: Explicating the notion of sufficient discriminability and defining the class of speech signals that meet that criterion.

The phonetic description of voice quality

The importance of an individual's voice in everyday social interaction can scarcely be overestimated. It is an essential element in the listener's analysis of the speaker's physical, psychological

The phoneme as a perceptuomotor structure.

Studies of speech and writing face a paradox: the discrete units of the written representation of an utterance cannot be isolated in its quasi-continuous articulatory and acoustic structure. We may

Some Effects of Semantic and Grammatical Context on the Production and Perception of Speech

Three speakers read aloud meaningful grammatical English sentences at a fast rate. Some of these sentences contained common maxims and stereotyped phrases. Other sentences which were less familiar

Meaning and the Structure of Language

THE NON-LINGUIST who has conscientiously tried to keep abreast of developments in linguistic theory may well be ready to give up. Linguistics, especially transformational grammar, has matured

Modeling the judgment of vowel quality differences.

The hypothesis of this study is that the auditory cues relevant to listeners' judgment of vowel quality are a spectral representation of loudness density versus pitch. A model is described that

Prediction of perceived phonetic distance from critical-band spectra: A first step

Judgements of phonetic distance between pairs of static synthetic vowels and fricatives have been collected in which the stimulus ensemble included formant frequency changes and a number of acoustic

The Sound Pattern of English

Since this classic work in phonology was published in 1968, there has been no other book that gives as broad a view of the subject, combining generally applicable theoretical contributions with