On the North West Frontier.

  title={On the North West Frontier.},
  author={B. Ward},
  journal={British Medical Journal (Clinical research ed.)},
  pages={458 - 459}
  • B. Ward
  • Published 1981
  • Medicine
  • British Medical Journal (Clinical research ed.)
There had been many political changes before my trip to Pakistan in January 1980, the most important being the invasion of Afghanistan by the Russians in December 1979. Thousands of refugees were now spilling over the border and the political outcome was uncertain. I was to spend my elective in Peshawar, North-west Frontier Province, about 25 km from the Khyber Pass and only 50 km from the Afghan border. I arrived in Rawal? pindi at dawn on a cold, rainy day. The airport was dirty and teeming… Expand
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