On the Nature of Reservoir-induced Seismicity

  title={On the Nature of Reservoir-induced Seismicity},
  author={Pradeep Talwani},
  journal={pure and applied geophysics},
  • P. Talwani
  • Published 1 December 1997
  • Geology
  • pure and applied geophysics
Abstract.—In most cases of reservoir-induced seismicity, seismicity follows the impoundment, large lake-level changes, or filling at a later time above the highest water level achieved until then. We classify this as initial seismicity. This "initial seismicity" is ascribable to the coupled poroelastic response of the reservoir to initial filling or water level changes. It is characterized by an increase in seismicity above preimpoundment levels, large event(s), general stabilization and… 
Mechanism of Initial Seismicity Following Impoundment of the Monticello Reservoir, South Carolina
Induced seismicity has been observed near Monticello Reservoir, South Carolina, since December 1977. Deployment of a seismic network before impound- ment allowed for detection and accurate location
Reservoir-induced seismicity in the Danjiangkou Reservoir: a quantitative analysis
SUMMARY Reservoir-induced seismicity (RIS) was observed, following the impoundment in 1967 of the Danjiangkou Reservoir in Henan and Hubei provinces in central China. Starting with lowlevel
Evidence of Low‐Magnitude Continued Reservoir‐Induced Seismicity Associated with the Pertusillo Artificial Lake (Southern Italy)
The most common observations of reservoir‐induced seismicity (RIS) by filling artificial lakes are generally associated with the initial impoundment of the lake or the lake level increase above a
Reservoir-Induced Seismicity in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
As a region with little or very low level background seismicity, the impoundment of the Three Gorges Reservoir in June 2003 was related to increasing reservoir-induced seismicity. Analysis of the
Induced seismicity around the Tous New Dam (Spain)
SUMMARY Induced seismicity around the Tous New Dam, located 45 km southwest of Valencia, Spain, is studied from a detailed analysis of seismic data from a 16-month period, starting in 1999 January,
Water Reservoir and Deep Well Induced Seismicity
An worldwide review reveals that there are little over hundred proven or suspected “reservoir induced seismicity” (RIS) cases since the classical case history of seismic activity at Lake Mead (Hoover
Relationship between seismicity and water level of the Pertusillo reservoir (southern Italy)
The Pertusillo reservoir, located in the High Agri Valley (southern Italy), represents an example of a site affected by continued reservoir-induced seismicity. Although it has been shown that annual
Increase of order in seismic processes around large reservoir induced by water level periodic variation
The importance of small periodic influences on the complex systems behavior is well acknowledged. In the present research, the possible impact of water level variation in large reservoir on the
The surge of earthquakes in Central Oklahoma has features of reservoir-induced seismicity
A first-principle model of underground reservoir-induced seismicity is developed that explains observed injection volume and depth dependence of the seismicity and should be considered as a basis for future hazard prediction and prevention as well as for planning possible disposal sites.
Reservoir-induced seismicity in the Longtan reservoir, southwestern China
A pronounced increase in seismicity started in and around Longtan reservoir, southwestern China after October 1, 2006 when it began the impoundment, and by the end of May 14, 2010, about 3,233


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abstract More than 1800 earthquakes (1.4 > M > 4.6) have occurred during the first 9 yr of filling of the 300-m deep Nurek Reservoir in Tadjikistan. This is more than four times the average rate of
Pore pressure diffusion and the mechanism of reservoir-induced seismicity
The study of reservoir-induced seismicity offers a controlled setting to understand the physics of the earthquake process. Data from detailed investigations at reservoirs in South Carolina suggested
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The association of a significant increase in seismic activity with the filling of some large water reservoirs is well documented. One possible such ase is the earthquake sequence at Oroville,
The role of elastic, undrained, and drained responses in triggering earthquakes at Monticello Reservoir, South Carolina
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Seismotectonics of the Koyna-Warna Area, India
Abstract.—Reservoir-induced seismicity has been observed near Koyna Dam, India since the early 1960s. In order to understand the seismotectonics of the region we analyzed available seismicity data
Earthquakes occurred at the Hsinfengkiang Reservoir region following the commencement of water impounding in October, 1959. Measures were promptly taken for the strengthening of the dam, while