On the Nature of Concepts

  title={On the Nature of Concepts},
  author={Daniel W. Smith},
  pages={62 - 73}
I. Introduction: The Becoming of Concepts In What is Philosophy?, Deleuze and Guattari define philosophy, famously, as an activity that consists in "forming, inventing, and fabricating concepts." (1) But this definition of philosophy implies a somewhat singular "analytic of the concept," to borrow Kant's phrase, and Deleuze's "concept of the concept," as it were, differs significantly from previous conceptions of the concept. One of the problems it poses--which is the problem I would like to… 

Art, Philosophy and the Connectivity of Concepts: Ricoeur and Deleuze and Guattari

  • C. Cazeaux
  • Philosophy, Art
    Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology
  • 2019
ABSTRACT Concepts are traditionally pictured as discrete containers that bring together objects or qualities based on the possession of shared, uniform properties. This paper focuses on a contrasting

Thinking Bodies: Practice Theory, Deleuze, and Professional Education

This chapter offers a (different) way of thinking about the relationship between bodies and practice in professional education. It explores what it means to think the body in such circumstances, to

Thinking Learning Events With the Immanence of Concepts

T he motivation for this commentary originated within the context of a panel that I coorganized with Dónal O'Donoghue and Brooke Hofsess for the annual meeting of the Art Education Research

Helping Students to Think Like Scientists in Socratic Dialogue-Inducing Labsa)

Socratic dialogue-inducing (SDI) labs1,2 are based on Arnold Arons' half-century of ethnographic research, listening carefully to students' responses to probing Socratic questions on physics,

Patterns of Design

This work uses design patterns as a medium and process for capturing insight about the process of design and surveys mainstream design genres to draw conclusions about how they can help inform the design of intelligent systems.



The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque

I n this fascinating but sometimes baffling book, the reader engages with a series of conditionals like the following: "If [the psychiatrist] Clerimbault manifests a delirium, it is because he

Sex and the Emergence of Sexuality

Western Sexuality is characterized by a diversity of methodological and historiographical approaches--social history, intellectual history, cultural history, historical sociology, the analysis of literary texts, and that distinctive kind of history practiced by Michel Foucault and also in evidence in the short essay by Paul Veyne.


Wesleyan’s philosophy faculty draws on multiple traditions of inquiry, offering a wide variety of perspectives and methods for addressing questions that are of basic importance to the human experience.

The movement-image

Theses on Movement and its Three Varieties: Second Commentary on Bergson and the Crisis of the Action-Image are presented.

Making up People

This paper is an account of the co-construction of categorical identity and personal identity among human beings. As people recognize themselves within a socially sanctioned categorical scheme, they

8 ans apre`s: Entretien 1980' (interview with Catherine Cle´ment), L'arc 49 (rev

  • 1980

The subsequent quotes in this paragraph come from this same interview