On the Minimal Non-Fregean Grzegorczyk Logic


The paper concerns Grzegorczyk’s non-Fregean logics that are intended to be a formal representation of the equimeaning relation defined on descriptions. We argue that the main Grzegorczyk logics discussed in the literature are too strong and we propose a new logical system, MGL, which satisfies Grzegorczyk’s fundamental requirements. We present a sound and complete semantics for MGL and we prove that it is decidable. Finally, we show that many non-classical logics are extensions of MGL, which makes it a generic

DOI: 10.1007/s11225-015-9635-y

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@article{GolinskaPilarek2016OnTM, title={On the Minimal Non-Fregean Grzegorczyk Logic}, author={Joanna Golinska-Pilarek}, journal={Studia Logica}, year={2016}, volume={104}, pages={209-234} }