On the Mathematical Formalism of the Theory of Showers

  title={On the Mathematical Formalism of the Theory of Showers},
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Contribution of Ukrainian Scientists to the Development of Quantum Physics

The contribution of Ukrainian scientists to the development of quantum physics has been analyzed, and a classification in accordance with corresponding branches has been made. The importance of

Radiação de Síncrotron no Brasil UVX e Sirius

C onforme predito por Iwanenko e Pomeranchuk, MeV (milhões de elétrons-volt) ou GeV (bilhões de elétrons-volt) elétrons submetidos a grandes acelerações normais à sua velocidade emitem radiação

In memoriam: Dmitri Ivanenko

Dmitri Ivanenko, professor of Moscow State University, was one of the great theoreticians of XX century, an author of the proton-neutron model of atomic nucleus. In honor of the 110th Year