On the Lie envelopping algebra of a pre-Lie algebra

  title={On the Lie envelopping algebra of a pre-Lie algebra},
  author={Jean-Michel Oudom and Daniel Guin},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Algebra},
We construct an associative product on the symmetric module S(L) of any pre-Lie algebra L. Then we proove that in the case of rooted trees our construction is dual to that of Connes and Kreimer. We also show that symmetric brace algebras and pre-Lie algebras are the same. Finally, using brace algebras instead of pre-Lie algebras, we give a similar interpretation of Foissy's Hopf algebra of planar rooted trees. 
The Hopf Algebra of Fliess Operators and Its Dual Pre-lie Algebra
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Doubling pre-Lie algebra of rooted trees
  • Mohamed Belhaj Mohamed
  • Mathematics
  • 2019
We study the pre-Lie algebra of rooted trees (𝒯 ,→) and we define a pre-Lie structure on its doubling space (V,⇝). Also, we find the enveloping algebras of the two pre-Lie algebras denoted,Expand
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Symmetric Brace Algebras
  • T. Lada, M. Markl
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Appl. Categorical Struct.
  • 2005
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A rigidity theorem for pre-Lie algebras
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Pre-Lie algebras and the rooted trees operad
A Pre-Lie algebra is a vector space L endowed with a bilinear product * : L \times L to L satisfying the relation (x*y)*z-x*(y*z)= (x*z)*y-x*(z*y), for all x,y,z in L. We give an explicitExpand
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