On the L(p, 1)-labelling of graphs

  title={On the L(p, 1)-labelling of graphs},
  author={D. Gonçalves},
  journal={Discrete Mathematics},
In all the paper we work on a graph G with maximal degree ∆. For a set of vertices S ⊂ V (G), the graph G\S is the graph induced by V (G)\S. The distance d(u, v) between two vertices u and v is the number of edges in the shortest path from u to v. We say that v is a d-neighbor of u if d(u, v) = d. Let Nd(v) be the set of d-neighbors of v. We will generally use the common term neighbor instead of 1-neighbor. A L(α1, α2, ..., αk)-labelling of a graph G is a function l : V (G) → [0, λ] such that… CONTINUE READING