On the Islands of the Great Ocean

  title={On the Islands of the Great Ocean},
  author={Jules-Se´Bastien-Ce´Sar Dumont D'Urville and Isabel Ollivier and Antoine De biran and Geoffrey Clark},
  journal={The Journal of Pacific History},
  pages={163 - 174}
AS I STATED IN THE NARRATIVE OF THE VOYAGE OF THE ASTROLABE,1 I HAD originally intended to publish in the last volume of that work my thoughts on the peoples of the Great Ocean, and the nomenclature that I proposed for classifying its numerous islands. But the publication of the Voyage of the Astrolabe has already been delayed much longer than I expected, and some of the expressions that I will need to use in my narrative call for a preliminary explanation if they are to be fully understood by… 
The complexity of monumentality in Melanesia: Mixed messages from Vanuatu
  • S. Bedford
  • Sociology
    Archaeologies of Island Melanesia: Current approaches to landscapes, exchange and practice
  • 2019
This paper revisits the concept of monumentality through the lens of grand communal ceremonies on three separate islands, with contrasting chiefly systems, in the archipelago of Vanuatu (Figure 5.1).
The "Sea of Little Lands": Examining Micronesia's Place in "Our Sea of Islands"
In the area formerly administered as the United States Trust Territory of the Pacifi c Islands, there began appearing during the mid-1970s t-shirts in assorted solid and primary colors with the
Choiseul and the missionaries : the Methodist Mission on Choiseul, Solomon Islands, 1905-1941 : a thesis submitted for the degree of Master of Philosophy at Massey University, Albany
This project will examine the impact and the progress of Methodist missionary work on Choiseul from 1905 to 1941. The predominant European contact on Choiseul was with missionaries and this was
Re-Presenting Melanesia: Ignoble Savages and Melanesian Alter-Natives
  • T. Kabutaulaka
  • Sociology
    Understanding Oceania: Celebrating the University of the South Pacific and its collaboration with The Australian National University
  • 2019
In this essay, I examine the dominant representations of Melanesia as a place and Melanesians as peoples and how these have influenced understandings of and responses to contemporary developments in
The Genetic Environment of Melanesia : Clines , Clusters and Contact
Current reconstructions of prehistory mostly reject early attempts to force artificial classifications on the Indo-Pacific region, such as the tripartite division of Melanesia, Micronesia and
Sensational Science, Archaic Hominin Genetics, and Amplified Inductive Risk
More than a decade of exacting scientific research involving paleontological fragments and ancient DNA has lately produced a series of pronouncements about a purportedly novel population of archaic
Vanua as Environment: Conservation, Farming, and Development in Waitabu, Fiji
This dissertation examines the idea of “environment” in Waitabu, an indigenous Fijian community on Taveuni Island, and how it influences the community’s participation in contemporary development
Reform and Purification in the Historical Archaeology of the South Pacific, 1840-1900
Modernity is often assumed to correlate with increased secularism, though scholarly literature challenges this idea, linking ideas about modern subjectivity to Protestant Reformation philosophies.
#Papuanlivesmatter: black consciousness and political movements in West Papua
ABSTRACT After the brutal killing of George Floyd sparked antiracism protests worldwide, Black youth organized protests in West Papua, Indonesia’s marginalized and easternmost region. In 2019,
Fijian Polygenesis and the Melanesian/Polynesian Divide
Cultural, linguistic, and phenotypic differences between Fijian and West Polynesian peoples demarcate the historically defined Melanesian/Polynesian divide. As both regions are claimed to have a