On the Irrationality Measures of Certain Numbers. II

  title={On the Irrationality Measures of Certain Numbers. II},
  author={A. Polyanskii},
  journal={Mathematical Notes},
For the irrationalitymeasures of the numbers $$\sqrt {2k - 1} $$2k−1 arctan$$\left( {\sqrt {2k - 1} /\left( {k - 1} \right)} \right)$$(2k−1/(k−1)), where k is an even positive integer, upper bounds are presented. 
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On the irrationality measure of certain numbers
The paper presents upper estimates for the irrationality measure and the non-quadraticity measure for the numbers $\alpha_k=\sqrt{2k+1}\ln\frac{\sqrt{2k+1}-1}{\sqrt{2k+1}+1}, \ k\in\mathbb N.$
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