On the Interconnected Nature of Interpreting Vygotsky: Rejoinder to Gredler and Shields Does No One Read Vygotsky’s Words 2004

  title={On the Interconnected Nature of Interpreting Vygotsky: Rejoinder to Gredler and Shields Does No One Read Vygotsky’s Words 2004},
  author={Michael Glassman and Ye Wang and doctoral student in the College of Education},
  journal={Educational Researcher},
  pages={19 - 22}
In response to the critique of Gredler and Shields (2004) of Glassman’s article Dewey and Vygotsky: Society, Experience, and Inquiry in Educational Practice 2001 we suggest that interpretation of theory is dynamic and based very much on the use of that theory as an instrument. Gredler and Shields argue that Glassman misinterprets Vygotsky because Glassman did not read his words (carefully enough). We, in response, suggest that Gredler and Shields own interpretations of Vygotsky’s words are… 
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2 ) تلايصحت يهاگشناد 1 ) PhD مولع و يرتموتپا و مشچ لاس زا( ،اكيرمآ كرويوین هااشناد ،ييانیب 1368 تیاغل 1372 ) 2 ) M.s ولويکیف هااشناد ،كیتپا يژ pacific آ لاس زا (،اكيرم 1362 تیاغل 1368 ) 3 ) (doctor
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Dr. Ye (Angel) Wang was a professor specializing in language and literacy development in the Program in the Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, within the Department of Health and Behavior


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