On the Integration of a TSP Heuristic into an EA for the Bi-objective Ring Star Problem

  title={On the Integration of a TSP Heuristic into an EA for the Bi-objective Ring Star Problem},
  author={Arnaud Liefooghe and Laetitia Vermeulen-Jourdan and Nicolas Jozefowiez and El-Ghazali Talbi},
  booktitle={Hybrid Metaheuristics},
This paper discusses a new hybrid solution method for a bi-objective routing problem, namely the bi-objective ring star problem. The bi-objective ring star problem is a generalization of the ring star problem in which the assignment cost has been dissociated from the cost of visiting a subset of nodes. Here, we investigate the possible contribution of incorporating specialized TSP heuristics into a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm. Experiments show that the use of this hybridization… 
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Ce manuscrit presente une partie des travaux que j'ai realises a la suite de ma these. Le document se focalise particulierement sur les etudes menees dans le cadre de l'optimisation combinatoire


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